Dating Married Women
Dating Rules For Men Only
Dating Rules For Men Only
  No matter it is your very first time in dating married women or you already know too well how the dating process go, there are always situation or things that pop up unexpectedly when you are venturing into the dating jungle. There are certain rules that are there to simply to protect your emotional state and to ensure that you succeed.

So here they are:
  1. Look you best by wear decent clothes and shoes that fits and suits you.
  2. Get your hygiene and styling sorted out. If your hair is long or untidy, head to the barbers to sort it out. If you haven't shaved for weeks, go and get one. By giving yourself regular showering routine and smelling good would make a good impression on your married woman.
  3. If you have no job, I'All be quick in finding one. Women like men to have some sort of ambition in life. So remember any job is better than none.
  4. Improve your knowledge. Be up to date with current affairs by watching the news and reading quality papers. Woman does not appreciate stupidity and laziness in not a very good excuse either.
  5. Do not praise the qualities of drinking in the local bar or pub for 7 nights a week. This is not going to win you a date with your married woman.
  6. Your love in sport is fine by any means, but during your date with your married woman ramming on the subject of football, soccer or another sport is going to put her off in record time. So keep the ramming with the boy's night only.
  7. Do not expect sex on the first date. I am sure when the timing is right sex will follow.
  8. On and during the date make sure you educate your knowledge of manners, courtesy, and politeness. Married women liked being treated well and particularly with respect.
  9. On your first date, spend the time to listen to what your married woman has to stay and remember them. Keep your date interested.
  10. If you are a smoker, then I think it is time to give it up.
  11. If you don't know how to learn to dance, then you better start. Married women love to dance. There is nothing more romantic and sexy then dancing together.

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