Dating Married Women
The Art Of Flirting
The Art Of Flirting
  Flirting is a fine art when it comes to dating. So, what actually is flirting? I would define it as when you go and chat with a woman at a party and she stand in the same position as you, playing with her hair, laughing with you and holding your gaze. This is known as flirting.

Dating would not be dating without flirting. Flirting is magnificent, fun, and giving out every signal that you are interested in her. Flirting is the meaning of attention. It is a powerful tool of dating. There are many key indicators of flirting and with practice you can improve yourself:

Eye Contact

This is the most important part of flirting. There is nothing more irritating when the person you are trying to talk to is looking around not interested. So here is what you should do:
  • Maintained eye contact combined with an arched eye brow.
  • Refrain from making funny gesture with your eyes. Avoid rapid eye movement and blinking.
  • Learn how to wink.
  • Learn how to gaze and hold it longer than usual.
Hair And Mouth

Your hair and mouth can also play a part of attraction in flirting. When chatting try to:

  • Play with you hair by stroking or toying motion.
  • Maintain eye contact whilst playing with your hair.
  • Touch your hair at anytime.
  • Sustain a smile, and open you mouth slightly so your tooth flashes.
  • Lick you lip while talking.
  • Pucker you lips in a simulated kiss form.
  • Form a touch of the lips or teeth with your tongue.
Body Movements

This is another important gesture when flirting. By doing various body movement you can attract attention.
  • Thrusting of the chest outwards whilst holding your gaze when talking.
  • If you are dancing at a party hold your gaze whilst moving to music.
  • Leaning your body towards your married woman while talking.

This is only done when you are sure that your married woman is interested.

  • Only touch when and where you are allow to.
  • If it is a touch of the hands or shoulders make up an excuse to do so if she show signs of discomfort.
  • If your married woman is really interested in you, she will place food in your mouth as if feeding you.
  • Flirting with hand playing with each other is common too.
The Way You Should Speak

Other the eye contact the way you speak also plays a vital role in flirting. Take notice of these when you next approach a beautiful married woman:
  • The tone and the speed of conversation would be soft and flattering
  • Make sure there is lots of laughter in the conversation.
  • When making a question make sure you sound warm and not nosey.
  • Make sure the conversation is about her and not towards your interest and likes.

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